In the rustic grandeur of

Scotland’s Coylumbridge Hilton,

Josh discovered his calling.

Amid the rich scents of oak and the soft clinks of fine glassware, a single cocktail captured his imagination.

With a taste unlike anything Kosher available back home.

It was this experience that spurred him into action.

Fast forward a decade, and Josh has transformed into a mobile mixologist wizard. Rather than stationing himself behind a bar, Josh brings his craft directly to you, setting up his cocktail station at events, each venue turning into a stage for his mixological showmanship. Imagine him at your event, where the clatter of shakers and the pour of spirits are part of the entertainment, each concoction a story in itself—rich, flavorful, and meticulously crafted.

With Josh, each sip offers not just a taste but a journey back to that initial spark in Scotland, now shared at gatherings where his cocktails steal the spotlight, making every occasion uniquely memorable. Engage with his creations, and you’re not just hosting an event; you’re creating an experience.

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